Woodbury Commons is a small town and beautiful part of Orange County, New York. Even though it is a rather small village, there are thousands and thousand of people visiting the town on a daily bases, most commonly for Shopping the Outlet Mall. On this site you will find out where and how you can also start planning your trip to Woodbury – New York… All the Shopping & Tourism Information you will ever need can be found here, so start planning your shopping trip now!

Woodbury Commons

Woodbury Commons Outlet Shopping

Woodbury Commons Outlet Shopping

With thousands of people visiting Woodbury Commons every day you would like to know why, right? The Outlet New York is commonly known as a ‘shopping paradise’, located just outside New York City. It offers Premium Designer Fashion, Clothes, Shoes and Accessories but with regular price savings of 25% up to 65%, making these Fashion Designer clothes ‘commonly’ available for everyone that wants to come over and shop. The Woodbury Common Mall can be accessed for free for everybody to enjoy a day of shopping&fun. Note that this website is no official site or affiliated with any official company, nor is it intending to be. This site shows you all the good places Woodbury has to offer and the Outlet Mall just happens to be the biggest tourist magnet of shopping & fun!



Stores in the Outlet New York

The restaurants that offer refreshing drinks and food after a long day of shopping. Some of the most wanted designers have their stores located in The Outlet New York. Visit Le Creuset Cookware can be found here and much , much more… Check out the special Pinterest page, to get a good impression on what you will be seeing when visiting.

Opening Hours

Sure we do not want you to be late for shopping, so that’s why we have listed the opening hours for you! The Outlets are known for their long opening hours, so you can enjoy your shopping till late in the evenings. Check out the Woodbury Commons Hours to see how long you can shop…till you drop!

Coupons and VIP Membership

Want to have special discounts and always receive the latest news about Sales & Events? The Discount Coupons page shows you all the options you have for receiving discount coupons and becoming a FREE VIP MEMBER. Like retrieving a Tory Burch promo code, or simply redeem a coupon code by registering as a Woodbury VIP. With these promo codes, you can receive extra discounts up to 30%!

Transportation, how to get there?

So now the big question, how to get the best here.

The City of Woodbury

Woodbury Commons - Orange County

Woodbury Commons – Orange County New York

Planning a full weekend trip to the Orange County New York? Not only the Outlet has lots to offer, you can even book a whole weekend and enjoy a lot more after your shopping trip. Things like a visit to the Theater or its beautiful surroundings. Read on and find out what this town has to offer more and plan your trip well! We do not only list the Outlet Mall shopping information, but also as many of the shops and restaurant you might want to see when visiting the area. That way you can book a full weekend for Fun&Shopping!

More Outlet Malls

Not living nearby, but still want to visit some of the great Outlets like the Chicago or Philadelphia  Outlets? No worries, we have listed them for your convenience. There are about 64 Outlet Malls in the United States, but none like the New York Outlet in Woodbury. Shoppers visiting these Outlets will be sure to encounter the largest collection of well known premium designer brands and benefit discounts up to 65% every day.

What about Tourism?


Top 5 of Tourist Attractions in Orange County NY

Of course it is possible to plan a holidays trip to Woodbury and visit the Orange County area. Find out all the Tourism Info you need for the the Orange County area in New York, whether you’d like to go down the Hudson Valley, plan some serious shopping or just enjoy the local Farm Markets, Wineries or Breweries.

Also make sure to check out the Top 5 of Tourist Attractions in Orange County NY.